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Pastor Sauce Walka Is Giving His Congregation “Ghetto Gospel”

sauce-walka-777x437Houston is a city of deeply-rooted southern rap origins. Starting in the late 80’s with the groundbreaking Rap-A-Lot Records then transitioning to the early 90’s with DJ Screw and the Screwed Up Click and then, Swishahouse Records, but The City of Syrup had gone on a drought musically following the glory days. That was until a young man named Albert Mondane from “Dead End”,  one of the infamous neighborhood’s in Houston’s Southside (and home to Texas legends Fat Pat and Big A-569102-1361441435-4619.jpegHawk) started his own record label called, The Sauce Factory. The label consists of Sancho Saucy, Sosaman, Rizzoo, Doughboy Sauce, 5th Ward JP, Peso Peso and many other artists that makeup the strong starting lineup. The trailblazing efforts of the relatively young label have been recognized in the city, and the tremors of this new era of Houston’s rap scene are still felt nationwide in the culture directly & indirectly. Many people familiar with Houston’s influence in the hiphop genre see this as a resurrection of sorts for a clutch save of a city which in recent times has been fairly stagnant save for a few standout artists. Very recently the well known H-town artist Sauce Walka dropped the music video for his song ‘Ghetto Gospel’ a return to form for the ‘Sauce Overload’ rapper. With a beat produced by the Sauce Factory’s talented in-house producer, Iceman-Chamberlain-IIIceman Chamberlain that incorporates the sample “Kingdom Hearts” by Utada Hikaru the song has a mellow, almost ethereal feeling that truly puts Iceman’s elite production on the spotlight, complimented with the hard hitting lyrics reminiscent of Sauce Walka’s former alias – A-Walk. This track is a certified street classic with the stamp of approval by Splif D and the ear of the real Houston rap stans and hiphop heads worldwide.



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