Music Review

The Soul in Reason: Top Dawg’s Newest Signee

Reason-1Reason, TDE’s newest signee’ delivered on his debut visual with the label with ‘The Soul’ which is exactly where I felt it. This song is a heartfelt testament of the time he has spent grinding, as he visualized the significance of the uphill battle from his past, making the audience relive the moments along with him. Though, he went through a lot of struggle to get where he is, he stands on his own two making his claim as one of the best unheralded new rappers in the game. There seems to be no lies as he backs his claim with his witty bars, passionate delivery and a clever namedrop in which he describes himself as “Melo with the hoodie, Mike Jackson with the boogie, Kobe Bryant as a rookie” all very great bars to set to aspire for legendary. Reason’s determination is evident as he unfolds his lyrical illustration about how much he has given to get here but it is only the beginning for what looks to be a promising career.



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