The City Girls are under fire after a string of colorist, homophobic and anti-Blue Ivy tweets resurfaced

Everyone’s old tweets are coming back to haunt them. This time, Miami rap group City Girls is the casualty.

JT is currently doing time while Yung Miami holds down the fort, but despite their resiliency their careers could be over after countless homophobic and anti-Blue Ivy Carter comments resurfaced. Needless to say, Twitter is up in arms against the “Period” rappers. To get a feel for the kind of remarks the ladies allegedly made, check out this tweet below:

“Y’all Haitian b*tches take y’all a** to Haiti,” Yung Miami allegedly wrote in 2013, before going on to compare Blue Ivy and North West just one year later, according to the tweets that are going around.

Yung Miami and JT’s exposure reached new levels recently, after Drake sampled them for his hit song “In My Feelings.” Yung Miami was also featured in the video. See what people are saying about the young ladies below.

It’s not looking good for City Girls, but we guess time will tell if they’re really #canceled.


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