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There’s a global demand for Ervin Mitchell and the release of his sophomore EP Let There Be Light proves exactly why

Ervin Mitchell’s 2016 debut EP KING SHIT gained him millions of streams and a passionate global fan base.  His accomplishments have been rather impressive. They include various feats like trending on Shazam in India, Australia, and Russia to reaching #10 on the Brazilian iTunes rap charts. What is even more stunning is that the Memphis raised and Atlanta based rap/pop artist was somehow able to build this following independently without any major industry cosigns or features.

Well now the industry gatekeepers are paying attention and there is a rumored bidding war between several major label imprints occurring behind the scenes.

What perfect timing to release his long-awaited followup project LET THERE BE LIGHT (Et Facta Est Lux). The 4 song EP is an inspirational sermon on self-belief and manifestation. Ervin graces each track with melodic yet layered rapping that simultaneously stands out and fits in perfectly with the current musical soundscape. Each time I listen I find something new to love and I’m sure that you will too.


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