Burglars Break Into Chief Keef Home While He Is There

Chicago rapper Chief Keef came “this” close to having a nasty in-person encounter with criminals. New reports claim three alleged burglars hopped a wall and broke a window at his California home.

According to reports, the incident went down last night (September 23) around 11:15 as one of the suspects made off with some of Keef’s loot. However, cops managed to grab two of them following gunfire.

We’re told cops intervened to thwart the burglary, and one suspect fired a shot — which didn’t hit anyone — and then the chase was on. Officers nabbed 2 of the perps, but one managed to flee in a getaway car. Keef, btw, was home during all of this. Cops went to the house and spoke to him afterward. We’re told he had no idea the suspects had gotten into the home. The 2 guys police captured are being booked on burglary and weapons charges. We’re told cops recovered 2 guns. (TMZ)



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