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Yung Me Has Jackson, Mississippi On His Back With Third Eye Open

Since the passing of local rap sensation Lil Lonnie the city of Jackson music scene has been going through major transitions. The crew he left behind have been trying to keep his name alive and kicking, while pushing to surpass him in popularity. Parkway Dee, Lil Tank, Kxng Heem, Millie Montana, and Trap Main (incarcerated) have been continuing the legacy of the slain rapper by working and dropping constant projects. But one of the major projects that has just dropped was the highly anticipated tape by Yung Me “Third Eye Open”.

The tape opens up with “Purple” a hard hitting yet melodic track where Me and Lil’ Tank shows respect and love to fallen comrade Lil Lonnie in the hook. When he saids “Gotta a handgun that bitch hold a hundred I’m out this bitch screaming RIP Lonnie” shows that even though the team has moved on the profound lost of Lonnie is still heartfelt. The second song “Crosses” is a smash hit. Yung Me flexes and talks about his early years of trapping out of group homes to survive and rhymes about betrayal and deceit when he spits. “Don’t go to church I can’t deal with the crosses. He was my partna but he tried to off me.” Early in the year a quarrel broke out between Me and and local sensation Kvng Zeakyy so the third track Most Hated featuring Zeakyy is a surprise and a wonderful display that two greats can put feuds to the side and come together to get money.

“This What You Call” is a high energy swagged out track with Houston’s own Sauce Walka. The song has Kxng Heem on the hook and he does a great job adding a balance to the hype ad libs of Walka. Yung Me spits hard rhymes about the trap and Walka’s exciting and vibrant rhymes about pimpin and helping his partners in the pen takes the track over the top. “Purple Talk” has to be the second best track on the tape. It has a smooth yet catchy hook and each rapper spits hard bars that makes it a n automatic favorite.

The tape is solid but has a lot of features and doesn’t have a lot of substance and lyrical depth. The repetitiveness of trap, drugs, guns, and balling kind of stunts the vibe of the album. Overall the production, rhythm, and catchy hooks makes it worth a listen. “Third Eye Open” continues the legacy started by Lonnie and displays the Nawth side still has something to talk about.


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