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Kodak Black: The Big Stepper

Kodak Black recently jumped from jail and says this will be his last time. It was unfortunate to see his release in jail followed by his right-hand [Jackboy] returning almost immediately after his release also, but the Sniper Gang CEO seems to have his head on straight, ready to lead his team to new heights. After being forced to move out of Florida as a part of his jurisdiction, he since has been residing in LA where he has been spotted in studios with big names, as well as the Hollywood streets letting the people know who the Big Stepper is. Kodak La Flame

After seeing his first feature on a track since his release, I knew it was a certified banger with the world-renowned Bruno Mars, and one of the forefathers of Trap music, Gucci Mane teaming up with him. It was a unique vibe combining Bruno Mars’ soulful, pop appeal mixed with Kodak & Gucci’s uncanny confidence and street wit to make something unlike we have ever heard. I believe this is a small sign of what’s to come for the ‘Project Baby’ as he matures into the man who Florida stans as the new generations G.O.A.T.Kodak features He has been spotted in studios with everybody from Post Malone, Meek Mill and even J. Cole and according to the Sniper Gang twitter there’s a lot more to come including an already finished album. With a song preview going viral when he was in the studio with Travis $cott, showing us he still has the moves, Kodak says it is releasing this Friday. It looks like he is on pace to be right back at the forefront of newer mainstream artists where he left off. For now, check out his first single since being out “If I’m Lyin I’m Flyin” below where he talks about the trials he has overcome and how he intends to navigate through the future to secure his success.

Kodak Black – If I’m Lyin, I’m Flyin [Official Video]


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