Bun B Says: “Say Something About My Wife, I’m Looking For You”

Bun B doesn’t believe there is such a thing as a rulebook governing “rap beef.” In the latest episode of Complex’s Mostly Football, special guest Bun B used the Pusha T-Drake-Shebib act of betrayal as a springboard for his argument, while embarking on a non-football-related tangent. To give you context, the conflict begins on “Infrared,” then Drake crosses an invisible boundary by mentioning Pusha’s wife in his rebuttal, in so much as Bun B is concerned.

“There’s rules to rap battles, but there are no rules to rap beefs,” Bun explained to his co-hosts. “Cause rap beefs don’t necessarily start in a rap scenario and don’t necessarily end in a rap scenario. So it could go any way anybody could want it to go.”

Bun later added, “If somebody says something about my beautiful wife, I’m not making a record, I’m looking for you, you know what I’m saying? I’m probably gonna try to put hands on you in some certain situations.”

Bun B later explained his rationale by making a distinction between his boundaries, and those of other rappers. What Drake said about Virginia, however inoffensive, was evidence that boundaries in rap beef are merely subjective, and if rappers want to come out the victor, they often have to stoop to the lowest denominator possible. “Some people are gonna take the lowest shots they can take, and you gotta be prepared for all that,” Bun said in closing.

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