Music Review

Music Video Review: Long Beach’s own, Guess, ‘Been Grinding’

Guess has been grinding in the streets of Long Beach, California all of his life. Having the tenacious ambition to rap, he used to be a premier battle-rapper among his age group in High School where he made a name for himself battling in VIP Records. He even read the dictionary as a kid when bored, expanding his vocabulary to put it in his next witty bar.


Transitioning from the underground is always an uphill battle and takes consistency, but Guess has risen to the challenge after gearing up in 2018 for an even bigger 2019 after taking some time off for his daughter. He’s back talking his shit in his latest video ‘Been Grinding’ produced by PAYT. Guess spends his time during this video in-between changing scenes from the block at corner store to the studio, showing us he is going hard and reppin in every lane. Check it out as the Chicano rapper, Long Beach Guess sets the record straight in his latest drop

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