Kanye West Accuses Drake Of Threatening Him As Epic Twitter Tirade Continues

Just when it seemed like Kanye West’s issues with Drake had been put to rest, ‘Ye is back at it. On Thursday night (December 13), ‘Ye lit up Twitter again with multiple tweets accusing the 6 God of not playing nice.

“Drake called trying to threaten me,” he tweeted. “You trying to be a bully. I never been bullied in my life and I never will be. That’s why I made it this far in a pink polo. You say all this [shit] to be but won’t say none of that to J prince. You pick on people with mental health issues.”

Kanye did say, however, he wouldn’t want to resort to physical violence.

“Drake I’m not going to physically fight you like it’s MTV boxing.”

‘Ye continued by, once again, bringing up Drake’s subliminal shot at him on Travis Scott’s No. 1 Hot 100 hit “Sicko Mode” and insisted he’s still open to a man-to-man conversation.

As his tweets kept flying at a rapid rate, ‘Ye issued his own type of threat toward Drake.

“Never threaten north saint and Chicago’s dad bro,” he wrote. “To the right it’s on sight. Saint stays to the right bro.”

Although ‘Ye claimed the tweets were “not emotional,” it was easy to surmise he was upset.

“This is a man speaking to a man that has been placed in the program to fuck with Kanye West head and set me up,” he said. “Drake this is what they want. You would be so sad if anything ever happened to me. But you playing into it. Why? A false runner? A beat? Leave me and my family alone bro.”

‘Ye (seemingly) ends things on a positive note, writing, “I’m Ye bro. Remember that. I love you. I would never intentionally hurt you. That’s what I’ve been saying to you.”


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