NBA Youngboy & Quando Rondo Allegedly Attack Their Security

Just last week NBA YoungBoy was in South Carolina performing for a hyped crowd, piggybacking on his security guard as a way to get even more intimate with his fans. An eager attendee tried to snatch his chain which led to YoungBoy’s security team having to break up the altercation, with YoungBoy still getting a few shots up.

Fast forward to this week and now YoungBoy is going after his own security guard, in a new video that has surfaced. We really don’t know the context of the clip below, but you can see YoungBoy in a fit of rage, going after someone who’s said to be his own protector. The man who is getting the beat down doesn’t hit back and tries to keep the rapper off of him with his feet while he’s laying on the ground.

The group of people witnessing the attack try to hold YoungBoy back, but he still manages to bust through and throw some punches. It also appears that Quando Rondo is also involved in the altercation that looks to be in a backstage setting.

Whatever happened to provoke YoungBoy we’re unsure about but from his most recent tweet, he isn’t here to impress anybody.

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