Keak Da Sneak’s 16-Month Sentence Prison Suspended For 60 Days

Jackson, CA – Keak Da Sneak’s wife Dee Bownes started a petition earlier this week in hopes of swaying a judge to allow her husband to serve his 16-month prison sentence from home.

The Bay Area rap staple — who is confined to a wheelchair following a 2017 shooting — was expected to begin his sentence on Thursday (February 7).

But, on the day of the hearing, Keak scored a small victory. According to a statement sent to HipHopDX, the judge suspended Keak’s sentence for 60 days although they still plan to send a disabled, nonviolent offender to prison.

Keak celebrated the news with an Instagram post on Thursday.

“New update,” he wrote. “They gave me 60 days to try and improve my health then turn myself in. I want to thank everyone for making some noise and signing the petition it made a big difference!!

Despite his tough circumstances, Keak is determined to use his situation and platform to cultivate more awareness and discussion about the rights of disabled convicts.

“House arrest is a more than adequate option for nonviolent offenders with disabilities,” Bownes said in a post. “Not only is it better for the disabled, it also puts less strain on already overburdened prisons and costs less for taxpayers.”

If all goes according to the court’s plan, Keak will turn himself in around April 8.

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