Eminem Refuses To Perform “Killshot,” Calls Machine Gun Kelly A “Cocksucker” Instead

Brisbane, Australia – While on tour in Australia, Eminem made a stop in the city of Brisbane where his audience erupted into a raucous chant, demanding a performance of his Machine Gun Kelly diss track, “Killshot.”

But Slim Shady wasn’t having it. Despite the crowd’s desperate pleas, Em refused to perform the song. He also had a few choice words for MGK.

“I would, but I can’t give that cocksucker anymore fuckin’ light,” he said. “Brisbane, did you enjoy yourself tonight? Brisbane, thank you for making us feel like family. Y’all are family. We love you. Brisbane, make it home safe. Make some noise for fucking yourself and make nothing for MGK.”

The Em versus MGK beef went into high gear last August following the release of Shady’s tenth studio album, Kamikaze, which included a MGK diss on the track “Not Alike.” MGK retaliated with “Rap Devil” and after careful deliberation, Em fired back with “Killshot,” ultimately putting an end to the back-and-forth.

Although their war of words has been over for months, fans are evidently still thirsting for more. But instead, Em left his fans hanging and closed the show with “Lose Yourself.”

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