Jussie Smollett Reportedly Indicted For Filing False Police Report

Chicago, IL – Jussie Smollett has been indicted by a Cook County Grand Jury for filing a false police report. According to TMZ, the Empire actor could face up to three years in prison if convicted.

The indictment was delivered on Wednesday (February 20) after the jurors heard the testimonies and evaluated evidence. The two Nigerian brothers previously arrested for the attack — Ola and Abel Osundairo — told the jurors they staged the assault with Smollett’s help and got paid for it.

The brothers were also caught on camera buying supplies prior to the incident, including ski masks, gloves, bandanas, sunglasses and red hats.


I tracked down surveillance of the Osundairo’s buying supplies before “attack”

Sources say Jussie Smollet told brothers what to buy.

Countless phone calls placed for this.

Visited more stores than I wish to admit. @cbschicago

— Charlie De Mar (@CharlieDeMar) February 20, 2019

Smollett filed the report on January 29, claiming he’d been attacked by two men yelling “homophobic and racial slurs.”

Police were suspicious of his story almost immediately. They reportedly found it strange Smollett kept the rope used in the attack around his neck for 42 minutes and knew were the surveillance cameras were.

Earlier this week, Smollett’s attorney issued a statement denying all accusations

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