Is Lil Xan’s Girlfriend’s Pregnancy A Hot Cheetos Hoax?

Twitter – Lil Xan announced he and his girlfriend Annie Smith were expecting a child earlier this month. But according to some super sleuths online, the entire pregnancy is a hoax.

After Smith shared a nine-week ultrasound to her YouTube channel last week, fans started comparing them to images found through a Google search. The photo Xan and Smith revealed to the world appears to match a Google image of a nine-week ultrasound.

In the clip, Xan says he “cried” when he saw the image for the first time.

However, several fans were quick to call them out for the alleged “fake” pregnancy and headed to Twitter to air them out.

Check out some of the best reactions below.

lil xan really thought he got us with this fake pregnancy bullshit. google “9 week ultrasound” and the photo he shows at 6:06 is literally the 8th result👀

— maddie {ghoon}🌟 (@KatyasTinyHands) February 23, 2019

LMFAOOOOO @lilxanfuhyobih AND HIS GF’S “ULTRASOUND” PHOTOS ARE FAKE 💀💀 how fucking dumb can y’all be actually believing this i –

— hayley (@troncxt) February 23, 2019

Look up the video of Lil Xan, and his girlfriend’s pregnancy video on YouTube. Then look at this picture, this is the one you can find on Google Tell me it ain’t fake 🤔 why would someone fake a pregnancy. Smh. And what place doesn’t give you print outs. @lilxanfuhyobih

— Thotyanna (@Thotyanna2) February 23, 2019

Anyway lil xan’s pregnancy is fake, the ultrasound is snatched from the first line of google images @TheMAURYShow hop on that

— sisi (@notsierrrala) February 26, 2019

There’s no denying that it’s fake

— T💤 (@Natashaxkayy) February 24, 2019

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