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Tokes “The Troubled One”

When one thinks of Kansas City, Kansas the only things that comes to mind is NASCAR races and the Jayhawks. But brewing under the infamous Kansas speedway is a rapper who is making a buzz like no other. A rapper that two years ago burst onto the scene with his debut single on YouTube “Tokes How You Been”. He comes from the rough streets of Kansas and little is known about him or his journey. But what is known is that he is ahead of his time lyrically. His rhymes represent the harsh streets and depict the treacherous pitfalls of gang life. Tokes now known by Troubled One proves that Kansas City has a story tell and that he’s the perfect one to tell it.

“Spit the sick vocals represent the locals. They think they immortal see the dark portal.” Blast from my radio as my homie Trav ask “Aye that’s kind of sick. Who that spittin.” I grinned and replied Tokes. His immediate reaction was “Where he from.” My answer of Kansas City left him with a bewildered and peculiar look on his face. “Kansas City? I didn’t even know they had rappers.” But they do, Troubled One has a distinct voice that captures you and his intricate stories and artistic audio visuals are of Picasso level. A gang member who is apart of the Traviesos 13 clique, Troubled One has a lot of experiences in the underworld. This is clear when one listens to his music and pays attention to song like “Fat White Girl”. In the song Troubled One talks about his addiction to cocaine. While some are afraid to talk about their drug usage of the white dust Troubled One lays it all out within his lyrics and even details how he began using. “First taste of you, 15 in a group home. I got you for a CD of Conejo, Shady album”. The realness and authenticity of his drug usage is rare and hasn’t been displayed openly in rap since the early 3 6 Mafia days. If you want the real, Troubled One has ample amounts of it.

Currently incarcerated for multiple felonies Trouble One has had numerous run in with the law. Although he is locked up his fan base is continuously growing. The front running artist for Trouble Making Music, he is becoming a main attraction and most are anticipating his return to the rap game. His team is keeping the streets feed by releasing unheard music on his YouTube Channel. Songs like After Dark and With My Dawgs keep his eager fans satisfied until his court date comes and he can put his current situation behind him. We all are awaiting the release of the highly sought after artist from the gutter of Kansas City, Kansas. His fans at this point are addicted to the gangster sound that only he can supply them. They’re hooked on the real. They’re hooked on the Trouble One.

Wicked Sounds – Tokes aka Troubled One

The Locals – Tokes aka Troubled One

Fat White Girl – Tokes aka Troubled One


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