Soulja Boy Arrested For Probation Violation

Soulja Boy’s comeback appears to be in serious jeopardy. The trailblazing rapper has been reportedly arrested and taken into police custody, as per TMZ. Apparently, Young Drako was arrested after a visit to his probation officer, where the rapper later was seen being taken away in handcuffs. After a woman claimed Soulja Boy held her hostage in his garage, police searched his mansion in Feburary, where they found ammunition in his possession. Unfortunately for Soulja, the judge had strictly prohibited any form of weaponry. 

Authorities proceeded to lie in wait, knowing that Soulja was set to visit his parole officer, and proceeded to make the arrest. As of now, Soulja Boy is currently in a Van Nuys jail, where he awaits a courtroom appointment later today. Once again, a rapper has been haunted by their probationary period, and many have already begun campaigning with the #FreeSoulja movement. We can only hope that Young Drako will emerge from the situation undeterred, and the comeback can recommence accordingly.
Stay tuned for more news on the ongoing situation. Free Soulja!

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