Nipsey Hussle’s Alleged Killer Eric Holder Could Be Gearing Up For A Insanity Plea

The man who is accused of killing Nipsey Hussle may be gearing up for an insanity plea.

A judge recently set Eric Holder’s bail at over $7,000,000, after cops arrested him as the suspect who shot and killed the rap star on Sunday (March 31) in Los Angeles.

According to sources, Nipsey and Holder had an argument earlier in the day, over allegations Holder was a “snitch.”

This enraged Holder, aka “Shitty Cuz,” who returned armed with a handgun.

Holder shot two of the rapper’s associates but he specifically targeted Nipsey, shot him six times, and then kicked the rap star as he lay dying in front of The Marathon Store, which he owned.

When Holder was arrested in Bellflower, California, he was reportedly attempting to check himself into a mental health facility.

Police say Eric Holder has a lengthy criminal record and had checked into a mental health facility in the past to receive treatment.

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