Cleveland Rapper Q Money Wanted for Murder

Cleveland rapper Q Money has been implicated in the fatal shooting of another rapper, Georgia police said. Q, real name Qamar Williams, is wanted for allegedly gunning down an unidenfitied victim in a living room. A roommate claims Q was seen standing over the body of the victim, and when they ran to wake up the victim’s cousin they took the gun from Q and forced him out the door.

Upon arriving at the scene, cops discovered shell casings and guns. The victim was staying at his cousin’s residence, where the shooting took place. Early reports from Dekalb County police have not released further details on the identity of the victim, but they did state that he was also a rapper from Cleveland and that they likely knew each other. He was fatally shot in the head at around 8:30 a.m. on Monday.

Q Money has been absent from social media since Sunday, April 14, when he teased the video for his currently unreleased song “Patron.” He signed with Warner Bros. Records and Think It’s a Game Records last year, and went on to release his Ain’t Shit Funny project through the labels in August. Seven people were shot while he was shooting the video for his song “Neat” in Cleveland last July. “I wanted to bring Cleveland to the world,” he said at the time, stating that he only wanted to bring positivity to his city.

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