Top R&B and hip-hop producer Polow Da Don is launching a new country radio station. The Grammy nominee behind hits by Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, and Fergie will unveil his Young Country-branded station WYCZ-FM (96.7) and WYZC-AM (1030) in Nashville, Tennessee on June 6. “Young Country is a culture,” the hitmaker, real name Jamal Jones, told Billboard. “It’s more than a radio station, it’s more than a playlist of songs. Young Country will be an inclusive home to artists who may not have a platform right now. “R&B and country have such a correlation as far as chord structure and storytelling. We are more alike than we are different.” Polow da Don is not new to country music – he is credited as an executive producer on Kane Brown’s 2018 album, Experiment. The odd couple fell out and traded lawsuits over contractual issues, but now appear to be good friends again, with the producer telling the outlet, “Kane Brown will be the first song that we play. Kane Brown is an incredible guy. He’s really the face of what I want Young Country to be. He’s the true motivation of it.”

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