Lil Chicken shot in Milwaukee: Rapper and Baby Mama ‘hit multiple times’ in shooting

Popular Milwaukee rapper Lil Chicken and his baby mama were reported shot multiple times in his hometown. Several reports claim that the Milwaukee rapper was shot with his son; however, Mixtape Trappers, an Instagram account affiliated with the rapper states that the rapper and his pregnant baby mama was shot multiple times, not his son.

It is unclear whether his son in the vicinity of the shooting or was not struck by the gunfire.

Lil Chicken is reportedly in stable condition following the shooting. Chicken P Miller was active on his Instagram account the day before the shooting performing the trending Bottle Cap Challenge.

The details surrounding the shooting are currently unknown. Several sources claim that the rapper is stable after the shooting. However, there has been no update regarding the condition of his baby mama and son.

Lil Chicken is a local star in his hometown of Milwaukee. He is best known for his songs Fast Cash Babies, Make Em Say Ugh and Like I Never Left

The Milwaukee rapper recently returned to music following a hiatus. His comeback record Like I Never Left, which was highlighted by Pitchfork magazine. In three weeks the record has garnered about 200,000 views on YouTube.


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