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Has Big U Struck Gold With OSBS

In the belly of the streets of South Central between Slauson and Crenshaw lies one of the most notorious street gangs the world has ever known. The Rollin 60s are infamous for their dominance and money making persona. Names like Bad News, Big Rick, Lil’ Fee, Kieta Roc, Doe Eye, and Big U, reign supreme in the underworld of LA. While the name Nipsey Hussle has been enshrined inside the minds of the masses and has become almost godlike after his untimely passing. A new group of 60’s are beginning to make their mark on the rap community and are carrying the baton given to them by the late great Hussle to continue on with the Marathon.

The names Smoke and 5ive are steadily moving up the chain as they drop hit after hit with big name features from artist like Lil Xan, Lil Baby, Gunna, and even platinum artist 2 Chainz. Their LP “No Cap” is full of headbanging singles that give a Los Angeles slash Southern feel through out the project. Songs like “I Know” and “No Cap” are certified club joints that sound like anthems for trappers. While songs like “Fall Back” featuring Lil Baby has all the makings of a top 100 billboard radio single. But more than anything song like “It’s A Struggle” inspire and tell the stories of the distorted American Dream turned nightmare for most young blacks growing up in the ghetto. When it comes to hit records Smoke and 5ive seem to have the recipe and that’s No Cap.

Although OSBS haven’t had that one smash hit to put them on top they constantly are working. Their new single “Jupiter” featuring Hood Rich Pablo Juan is gaining momentum underground and their last project did its job in getting them noticed. Now the only question that remains is will they be able to break through. Only time will tell if the young 60s will leave a foot print in the game like Nipsey. Their next project is highly anticipated by many to make waves and put them at the paramount of the rap game. Soon the world will know that Smoke and 5ive are truly On Some BullShit.

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