The King

As the melodic piano plays and the crisp cymbal hits behind the sexy voice whispering Very Rare, all of a sudden the listeners mind is taken to another place. A world of lowriders, palm trees, good weed, and women becomes vivid as the beat drops and Lil’Bonez harmonizes “You ain’t gotta stand in line, don’t even waste my time. Cause she ain’t mine.” This new single from Crime Family’s most infamous and sought after artist King Trip is quickly becoming a summer hit with every ear that it reaches. Featuring Abbzurd, the track talk about the obstacles of dealing with scandalous women who truthfully aren’t even worth the energy. Trip makes it clear with his witty intro into the first verse “How many times I gotta tell her I don’t love her. I’m more like a step brother, I’m not suppose to but I f#ck her.” His creative wordplay and smooth delivery continues through out the track with bars like “The h*e like Big Red good at first but she can burn your sh!t till it hurts and that’s my word.” Abzzurd second verse is also hard hitting with bars like, ” Naw if I’m lien I’m dying. Trust me I don’t give a f#ck cause the b!tvh ain’t mine. Every time she call my phone ya boy gone press decline. Naw I ain’t gon waste my time.” The song is laced with impeccable game and the sound is so 805 that it’s undeniably a hit record. Trip is truly with each song he drops proving to the game and his peers that he is and will be King.

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