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Shaka Rocka “The Swan that Sung”

In the Zulu language the name Shaka means affirmation, strength, and organizer and on the Eastside of South Central, it means kinda the same. In an environment were only the strong survive, Belizean rapper Shaka Rocka is on the top of the food chain. Just like Shaka Zulu, Rocka is a general of his tribe and is edging his name in history by putting his trauma and pain on wax for the world to hear. With the tenacity and fearlessness of a Samurai and the intellect of a scholar, Shaka’s music paints vivid pictures of gang life and it’s pitfalls.

His hit single “The Code” is a honest manual of the dos and dont’s of the streets. Similar to Biggies “10 Crack Commandments”, Shaka breaks downs social norms with bars like, “Don’t be doing to much talking on that IPhone. Don’t be speaking on a n!gga when he long gone. Especially if you the one that sent him packing. Cause all that cappin only leads to n!ggas yappin.” His lyrics are a clear illustration of the mindset of an active participant in the underworld of gangbangin. His pain is deeply felt when he talks about the trauma endured as an adolescent on the profound track “War Zone”. “Traumatized as a little kid. I hate them n!ggas for the sh!t they did. Curled up in the back seat. When momma went to the swap meet.” The perpetuation of black on black violence and its illogical yet understandable occurrence is never more clearer when he spits, “These b!tch niggas took my innocence. How I became them same n!ggas it don’t make no sense.” Shaka’s lyrical content is next level but his music is definitely an acquired taste. If you’re looking for catchy hooks or empty metaphors and similes with a trendy beat Shaka most likely isn’t going to be your cup of tea. But if you’re searching for an artist with a story who has Shakespearean lyrics Rocka will keep you on the edge of your seat.

After dropping his debut album “The West Bank”. Shaka seems to be taking off and making waves on the underground scene. The question is can he stay consistent enough to form a large following. With numerous singles and the ear of the streets the future is looking bright for Shaka Rocka. In a industry full of fake rappers with facade images only time will tell if the Swan that sung will be heard.

Shaka Rocka – The Code

Shaka Rocka – My Set

Shaka Rocka – War Zone

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