Mississippi Got Somethin’ to Say

Growing up in Mississippi music was life. I can still remember my adolescent interactions with my peers about music. Like when me and my best friend Howard had our first intense quarrel. Who was better Jay Z or Biggie? This disagreement went on for almost hours with us breaking down lyrics and examining double entendres. Or when my homie Rashad first went on and on about this new rapper named Lil’ Boosie who had just dropped a tape called “Youngest of the Camp” and after playing it for me we spent all night dissecting ever song. See music is not only entertainment for most us growing up in the Magnolia State its apart of our very being. It’s in Mississippi were the first American genre of music got its inception which lead to all of the music we hear today. Whether it be Pop, Rock, Jazz, or Rap it all comes from the blues. It all has its lineage right back to Mississippi. We invented singing about about our pain over instruments and recording it for the world to hear. The irony that decades later the descendants of Vera Halls, Muddy Waters, Charley Patton, and Robert Johnson are still carrying on the tradition isn’t surprising. It’s in our blood.

When people try to put together a list of well known rappers who made it big from Mississippi it’s usually a short draft. David Banner is commonly paramount followed by Big K.R.I.T. and most forget Rae Sremmurd because it’s not known that they’re from Tupelo. Outside of that circle most internationally have no idea of any other artist from the state. But with a closer examination one can see that Mississippi is overflowing with talent that’s being completely overlooked. Artist like Skipp Coon, Tito Lopez, Coke Bumaye, Pyinfamous, DONO Vegas, Kvng Zeakyy, Ant 200, Fly Rich Double, Dear Silas, Vitamin Cea, Lil Tank, Murda Man, Walt Da G, 5th Child, Parkway Dee, Seni B, Kxng Heem, Gee Baby Outwest, Yung Me, Hollywood Luck, HotBoyNick, Trapp Tarell, 601 Arab and a host of others raising the bar.

Whether it’s trap, conscious, or country Mississippi has an artist that’s taking it to another level. With the rise of social media a lot of artist are building careers independent of labels. This has empowered a lot of the rappers in Mississippi seeing that we never had any major label located in the state. This has allowed us to be heard on an equal platform as other states and given opportunity to markets otherwise denied. Which is perfect because whether the world knows it or not “Mississippi got somethin’ to say!”

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