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Yung Ro “Rebirth of a Soulja”


The city of New Orleans since the 20th century had been popular for many things; one being music. A plethora of rappers since the early days of New Orleans rap scene have carved their name into the history books. Whether its Master P and The William brother’s inspiring entrepreneurship and longevity or Lil’Wayne’s influential and innovative approach to flows and cadences during his mixtape era, New Orleans has always been at the spear of southern hip hop. No other city has produced as many influential rappers on the world stage than the Crescent City. Mystical, Juvenile, B.G., Turk, C-Murder, Mia X, Kevin Gates, Fiend, Silk The Shocker, Choppa, Curren$y, Jay Electronica, Mac, and Kidd Kidd have all been on the big stage. But lately the city surrounded by water has been dry, with contemporary rappers barely getting noticed. Some say the reasons the lake of talent that New Orleans produced in the 90s and 2000s with Cash Money, No Limit, and Big Boy is gone is linked to the displacement by Hurricane Katrina of the former residents of the projects that produced so many of the cities artist. The natural disaster forced thousands upon thousand of New Orleans citizen to neighboring states one being the Lone Star.

soulja_slim6517994943561736967.jpgSoulja Slim was one of the most authentic rappers to ever breathe on a mic. His earlier hits “You Got It” & “Powda Bag” exploded on the New Orleans rap scene, making Magnolia Slim the most sought after rapper in the city. His intricate details on murder, drugs, and poverty were next level and so profound that in the N.O. he was coined “The New Orleans 2 Pac”. Loved for his dope delivery and realness most believed that in 2003 the Soulja was finally put to rest.img_0070-2                        But in 2014, 11 years later one of the residents displaced by Katrina and relocated to Houston debuted on YouTube under the name Jugg Gang. With his partner in crime Tool. Their songs “Hanging Out The Window” and “Hot Nigga” were the beginning of a long journey for up and coming rapper Yung Ro. With no label backing and nothing more than a small buzz from 2014, Yung Ro began his rise to the top.

2019 was the year of change for Yung Ro. His ambition became undeniable and after dropping multiple songs and visuals with Filmed By Miaci and Fontane Films. His online presence was raised to the next notch and it allowed him to build a organic fan base from nothing. His EP 777 is full of real street music that talks about the losses and obstacles that one faces when involved in the criminal underworld. In his song “Real Shit” he articulates the ideologies of a street soldier when he spits “Hit em close range leave his brains on the barrel/ Tell yo cousin he can’t come cause I don’t know is he gon tattle/ If you catch him at the light gotta do em like Harold/ We can make it out the hood but I ain’t gon lie the chance is narrow”. In the song “Pop Out” he recites the lyrics “Its fuck my neighbors, cause they don’t even know Jerry Rice but they want them people to come and Raid us. I told my momma I’m selling crack nobody gon save us.”, which is an astonishingly honest assessment of poverty in the inner city ghettos of America today. On top of his music people are beginning to respect Ro for his realness. Something that seems to be lacking in the rap game today. His short clip on how he would rather spend money on his grandmothers dialysis than buy jewelry for self gratification is also getting people’s attention. His honest expression of pain behind his best friend death “Wes” and his aggressive delivery on top of his new deal to DreamChasers and realness has Yung Ro looking more and more like the Rebirth of a Soulja.


  1. Omg this has me in tears . Thank you all for believing in my son . He deserves this but also worked hard for it. Nice article about him and well worded.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for appreciating my work. Tell Ro I’ll be keeping up with him and supporting and I’d appreciate it if he’d repost the article. I wish him nothing but success and have no doubt that his talent will take him far.


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