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Swifty Blue “With the Swiftness”


Growing up in Los Angeles County can be a serious task. A city plagued with crime and gang activity and black and brown tribes on every few blocks contributes to ongoing conflict and obstacles. It also produces captivating stories to be told by those who are lucky enough to survive to tell. The rapper of a specific section of the city is actually a historian for their area. Through music they document individuals, occurrences, dialect, and beliefs of the specific street and affiliation they embrace. These griots are celebrated by their sets and barrios and in the future will be the the reference of the times they live in and lived through.swiftyblue-1575205678371717582174032052242.jpg

For Swifty Blue his start as a archivist began with free styling over You Tube beats as a pass time while getting high. Perfecting his craft daily Swifty with the encouragement from his homies decided to take his free styling skills to another level and put out a record. “Thug Shit” was released in mid November of 2016 and its been off to the races since for the Paramount native. A host of material since has been produced by Swifty and his team. After connecting with Mr. Criminal and working with the Crime Family his career began to take off. After a few years Swifty parted with Crime Family and he focused on establishing his Dirty Money Mafia brand.

After putting out his EP Grimey Gang (named after his deceased homie Grimey) and shooting multiple visuals the future is looking bright for Swifty Blue. Collaborations with The Bully, E. West, Baby Gas, and Bnkroll Benny and his LP No Looking Back on Grimey Records are proof that Swifty Blue has been putting in major working. The fruits of his labor are beginning to manifest and only time will tell if he will rise to the top of the rap game with the swiftness.


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