Boosie BadAzz’s Bentley Broken Into, Gets Robbed of $70,000 in Jewelry

Boosie BadAzz has reportedly been the victim of a robbery.

According to a new report from TMZ, robbers smashed the window of Boosie’s Bentley SUV while he was eating at Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen just outside of Atlanta on Monday night (Dec. 16.) The robbers reportedly made off with $70,000 worth of jewelry in the heist.

According to the report, Boosie’s associate B-Will reported the robbery to police after he caught a “younger-looking Black male” reaching into the car, and even gave chase when the man fled. He was unable to catch up with him, however. In the police report he filed, he reports that three pieces of jewelry were stolen including a “super bowl style” diamond ring worth $10,000 another $10,000 rose gold ring that reads “BOSSMAN” and a rose gold Cuban link chain with diamonds that is worth $50,000.

The Talk Dat Shit rapper addressed the robbers on his Instagram story the same day.

“Be a gangsta and drop that location about that ring old bitch ass nigga,” the rapper said in a video on IG Stories. “Yeah drop your location, drop your hood bitch ass nigga! Bitch ass nigga, be a gangsta and say your hood, nigga! How you gon’ sell that? You can’t do nothing but put it on. You ain’t no boss. Pussy ass nigga. Say your hood so we can swing, bitch!”

Police say surveillance footage from the restaurant shows two black males dressed in black trying to get into Boosie’s Bentley, which ended up setting off the alarm. They then drove away, but briefly returned to the vehicle before speeding off for good, and that’s when B-Will can be seen running after them.


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