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Lil Tank “Born 2 Die”

In the gritty streets of Jackson, Mississippi life is not promised to anyone. No matter the status or popularity an individual can still find themselves either behind a gun or in front of one. This reality was never more vivid than the day up and coming rapper Lil’ Lonnie was shot and killed in his car before crashing into a house. After his untimely passing the Jackson rap scene took a major blow and it seemed the momentum that was once vibrant and accumulating diminished. But out of the ashes new talent has arose to pick up where Lonnie left off. Ant200, Dear Silas, Yung Me, Day1Nickoe, Lil’Ron, DONO Vegas, Bob Street, Kvng Zeakyy, Kxng Heem, and GeeBabyOutWest amongst others are all pressing to continue the legacy Lil’Lonnie left behind. But one artist in particular in the city is pushing harder than others. Raised in the infamous north side neighborhood of “Presidential Hills”, Lil’Tank is showing the world he got next with his latest project “Born 2 Die”.

The tape opens up with a soulful instrumental that flips and becomes almost war like as soon as the track drops. Tank opens up the album posing crucial queries every hustla has to ask oneself when participating in street activity. His introduction is smooth yet aggressive when he spits, “I’m Born to die. Trying to figure out which one gon’ ride. Nigga tried to play me I was forced to slide. First they hate on you then they start telling lies.” Songs like “Ms. Katie” and “Chances” are personal and Tank delves into his past and family bonds with a keen flow that cuts through tracks and demands attention. “Yeah Yeah” featuring Paedro is a standout on the album, with its eerie yet vibrant instrumental and catchy hook it has the potential to be a 2020 smash. The single “Bout Action” is a ode to the street life in Jackson and gives the perspective of an individual participating in the underground economy. With lyrics like “Got the block jumping like it’s hop scotch. She say she loyal gotta play her part. Gotta 10 piece rockin Dirty Heart” or “I remember we trapped out the Honda. Any n!gga play wrong than we slump him. Bought a hot 40 strap from my uncle. Yea these streets turned me into a monster” makes it’s clear that Tank has no problem articulating his sentiments about his upbringing and conveying the lifestyle of a trapper to the masses.

For a LP Born 2 Die is surprisingly well mixed and mastered. Songs like “Wats up Wit it” and “Havin” sonically sound as if they could be played on the radio right now with anything in rotation. The outro song from FrazierBoy Clo “Death Threat” is lyrically superb and composed in a masterful manner. Tank got a lot of people attention with his SOTH series but this tape is different. You can hear the progression and the aggression in every bar and on every song. Some would be reluctant to rap knowing what happened to Lonnie because of his spotlight. But Tank is rappin with no fear in his voice for the top. As if he knows we’re all Born 2 Die.

Lil’Tank feat. Kvng Zeakyy – Havin

Lil’Tank – Wit Da Shit

Lil’Tank feat Kvng Zeakyy

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