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Roddie Flacco “For What It’s Worth”

When one thinks of Texas rap automatically Houston comes to mind. It’s the city where the first southern hip hop label began and influenced the whole entire rap game with its Screw, slabs, and syrup. Today you’d be hard pressed to find a rapper that hasn’t been influenced by Houston hip hop in some type of manner. But a new scene has arose in the last two years in the lone star state that is leaving its own footprints. Dallas/Fort Worth underground rap is exploding with tremendous talent. Names like Go Yayo, Trap Boy Freddy, Yella Beezy, and Mo3 are quickly becoming household names and gaining national success. The spotlight is on the area and people are intrigued and asking a profound question “Who’s up next”?

Roddie Flacco’s peculiar style and unique music is quickly catching fire and putting him in a league of his own. With the release of his new album High 35 it’s becoming quite clear Flacco is aiming for the top spot. The LP is a mix of melody, drugs, and 808s, that perfectly blend together to make a sonic gumbo. Tracks like “IGD” and “Payola” standout because of there catchy hooks and creative punchlines. Bars like “Lately I’d rather get money roll me up a wood and get lifted. Lately I been on my sh!t for the come up I can’t let em blurry the vision. I don’t know why they against it. I kept it cool cause I’m Crippin’. Play wit them racks like I went pro at tennis.” prove that Flacco’s wordplay is definitely up to par. “Swerve in a Vic” and “8 Days in the H” really demonstrates how lyrical and above average Roddie is on the mic. His intricate flow and impeccable cadence makes the songs almost impossible to stop listening too. You can definitely here the growth musically since Soul Sounds in tracks like “Ice Up” ” Can’t Be Televised” and “4 AM Interlude”. Songs like “Locomotion” and “Black Hearted” display Flacco willingness to open up about his life and tribulations. Lines like “I been working every day out of the week. What comes to a dreamer who ain’t getting any sleep” and “Have you ever seen yo momma locked up in chains. I did most of my life that sh!t f#cked wit my brain.” give insight to the struggle that Flacco endured as a youth and brings his listeners closer to the man behind the music.

Roddie is proving that’s he’s up next with his consistency in putting out good quality music. His networking and constant visuals make him hard to look over and with his new LP High 35 it’s only a matter of time before the world catches on. With a grind that’s unmatched and a determination to fulfill his dream the kid from Dallas/Fort Worth is definitely on a mission and ready to milk the game “For What it’s Worth”.

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