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Florida Got Next

It’s been some time since the days of Trick Daddy and his Slip N’ Slide crew. Besides Rick Ross, Plies, & Kodak Black few have surfaced from the Gun barrel state in the last decade to take over the rap game. The motherland of bass, most associate Florida hip hop with the city of Miami. Why? Maybe because Dade County has always been a hotbed for talented artist itching to put their story and struggle on wax for the world to hear. But a new generation of artist outside the MIA are attempting to revolutionize the whole entire Florida scene and change the wave from the 305 to the 813 and 904.

Taleban Dooda, T9ine, Roboy, Youngeen Ace, Rod Wave & Rees Money are all buzzing underground with a huge social media presence. Taleban Dooda’s “Friends & Lovers” visual is already almost at a million. While Rod Wave hit single “Heart On Ice” is almost at 60 million and counting. T9ine’s remake of Biggie’s “Get Money” track “Groovy” has gained super momentum online and has his name ringing all across the underground circuit. T9ine melodic hooks and soulful lyrics is definitely putting him on the radar of many major labels. His song “Heart Cold” featuring Taleban Dooda has become a fan favorite with its real lyrical content about growing up in the turbulent streets of Tampa and opening up about his family life. His new single “Need Someone”, is a smooth single for his female fans. Rees Money song to his longtime friend Quel who was murdered “LLQ” is also garnering a lot of support with almost 300 thousand views and his new song “Let Up” is getting a lot of attention from DJs nationally. Yungeen Ace has to be the most sought after at this point. His consistency with hit after hit record has him surpassing many in the game. With over a 100 million streams on his Youtube videos it’s safe to say Ace is on his way to becoming a household name.

Atlanta has had the rap game under its control since about the early 2000s. Putting out platinum artist after artist the A has had the biggest and most profound impact on the rap game so far. But Florida might be ready to steal the show. With so many talented up and coming artist out of the state it’s almost impossible to not find somebody you’ll love. If Florida continues on this path Atlanta might have to come to the realization that Florida got next.

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