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Lil Sodi “Gangsta Boogie”

The streets of Los Angeles County have always been a fertile ground for talent. Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Eazy – E, Toker, The Game, Kendrick Lamar, Ice -T, Kurupt, X-Zibit, Hopsin, Nipsey Hussle, and countless others have all left their stamp on this game we call hip hop. Whether you are a fan of the west coast or not, one cannot deny the influence and impression they’ve had on rap culture. The L.A. lifestyle has become so popular that people all around the world have adopted it. Doesn’t matter if it’s gangbangin in Belize and Cambodia or lowriden’ in Japan, a little of L.A. at this point is everywhere.

Afroman bust on the scene with his 2001 classic album “The Good Times” and took the game in a complete 360 when he released “Because I Got High”. Songs like “Crazy Rap” and “Colt 45” became legendary in the stoner world almost overnight. His clever but farcical storytelling has a way of capturing the listener and holding them captive until the very last lyric. Most of his songs sound as if Rudy Ray Moore himself decided to make a rap album and produce music. While Afroman had already laid his foundation as a rap star a younger MC from the same set (the Eight Tray Gangsta Crips) was beginning his journey to stardom by teaming up with The Games older brother Big Fase 100. Lil ‘Sodi’s 2012 mixtape “Chevy Music” got him some local attention songs like Young Nigga demonstrated Sodi ability to story tell with bars like, “Moms stressed out Pops kicked a nigga out, 12 to 13 I was already banged out. Sag low with a G – Curl Me and Lil Gansta Darryl from the north to the park F#ck it our own world.” After dropping the joint album with Boskoe 100 “The Best of Both Rags” in 2014 and his popular Move or Die mixtape with The August Boyz, Sodi had a minor setback after having multiple run ins with the law.

Although different in approach, Afroman and Lil ‘Sodi have decided to collaborate and the results have been a sonically amazing. Their first video “Bacc To The 80s” has had tremendous success on YouTube and Lil’Sodi is finally starting to get the proper attention and respect with his new project “LA Gumbo”. After dropping their latest video “So Original” the buzz about the duo is starting to spread and everybody seems to be waiting to hear more of the Gangsta Boogie.

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