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Slumlord Trill “The Chosen One”

Growing up in LA can be a gift and a curse for a lot of musicians. The gift of being surrounded by so many outlets and entertainment companies can also be overshadowed by the tough grind of California life. Saturated with talent LA County has always been a hotbed for up and coming artist. Compton, Long Beach, And South Central have produced more platinum selling gangsta rappers than any other place on the globe. The genre “Gangsta Rap” is considered by most people to originate from Philly with Schoolly D’s “PSK” record. But it’s not even a debate that LA is the motherland for this particular sect of rap for most hip hop historians. Since the early days of Ice T’s record “6 in tha Morning”, LA has manifested hundreds upon hundreds of songs about the underground life of southern Cali. It’s in these records that most were first introduced to gangbangin and the harsh reality of ghetto life in the Golden State. Many have come and gone from Above the Law, Brownside, Cypress Hill, The D.O.C., MC Eiht, Ras Kass, Coolio, Suga Free, Tone Loc, and CJ Mac, while few have withstood the test of time like Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, or Snoop Dogg. I guess it’s true the many are called but only a few are chosen.

Slumlord Trill has been making his dent in the music game since 2018 for most listeners. His mixtape “Grave Digger” put out by IV Records helped him gain local success in the LA rap scene. The mixtape with only 6 songs still managed to lay a foundation for a strong fan base to follow. Songs like “No Handout Freestyle” and “Ridin” caught listeners and the visuals took them into the world of the infamous section of the Crenshaw district “The Jungles”. His new tape “Few are Chosen” has double backed and and on this one he’s giving a more in depth look at the struggles of his life. With tales of gangbangin, betrayal, and the hustle Slumlord Trill proves he’s ready for the big leagues with songs like “All Dat” featuring Hot Sauce. A melodic ode to the streets Trill shows he’s capable of making radio records. He also demonstrates his concern for those choosing the street life with the song “Caca/Stop Bangin. He gives warning to those who aren’t full fledged to quit while their ahead or suffer the consequences when he spits “Stop banging the gang you ain’t with it. Better stay in yo lane you ain’t wit it. Niggas goin to jail for this sh!t. Niggas catchen a shell for this sh!t”. Trill makes it clear when he saids “if you flamen that thang better be on you. If you signed up married the game better be loyal.” that those who aren’t prepared to go all the way should seriously find another route then the streets.

Slumlord Trill new video “Way it is” is slowly gaining momentum while his LP is getting national attention. With a steady presence on social media and a crazy work ethic Trill is making it known that he wants a spot at the top of the rap game. His latest Instagram post with Mozzy has fans waiting with anticipation for his new music and the release of his next project. The question is on the table now. Will he be the next Dre or Snoop? Will he be the next ‘Chosen One’? Only time will tell.

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